Business & work 


Do you need to move your business forward?


I work with individuals keen to develop their potential, giving clarity around blocks and a new perspective on performance. This leads to increased productivity and sustained motivation and focus adding value to your business.


My experience is with self-employed and small business where people have lots of ideas, creativity, energy and good intention. Business coaching helps harness this, plays to your strengths and makes outcomes achievable. Alternatively, many things may take priority and it can feel  ‘like running around like a headless chicken’, never quite doing what ‘I really wanted to do’ or ‘what I thought I would be doing’. Coaching is the perfect tool to balance priorities.


On a personal level coaching raises awareness, confidence and self belief releasing energy and inspiration.


I will attend to your development and moving forward. It may seem deceptively simple, but with attentive listening, in the right environment and with prompts you can unlock your potential. I use coaching tools to help you look at different perspectives, work out what is really important to you, help with relationships and take the next step, however small.


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