Mind Spa


Attend to your inner well being.


Tangled thoughts? Tired and drained? Things go round and round in my head? I’m ok but I still need something for myself.


Attending to ourselves is very often bottom of the list. This can be ok for a period of time, but then we reach overload! Symptoms may be on the list above, as well as anxiety, over analysing and poor physical wellbeing. One in four people will suffer from some form of related mental illness. If stress goes unchecked it can lead to longer term health risks.


We would not expect other areas of our life to go unmaintained, our car is serviced, our house repaired and decorated and our garden tidied. We do the best to facilitate the wellbeing of family and loved ones.  Investment in our mind and body wellbeing is of the highest importance in this fast paced world. What stops us doing just that?


Our bodies need relaxation – so does our mind.

Our body keeps in trim with a work out – so does our mind.


I will help you understand why it is so hard to think of ourselves and help you untangle your thoughts to attend to what really does matter to you.

I provide the environment for both relaxation, development and learning to integrate healthy ways of life into your daily routine.


There are follow up maintenance sessions for those who are going in the right direction but find it helpful to have a check in service.